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We offer immigration solutions from Initial process to PR Visa. Our team will actively involve in guiding and advising them at all levels of the immigration process.

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We offer immigration solutions from Initial process to PR Visa. Our team will actively involve in guiding and advising them at all levels of the immigration process. AVN Visas believes in building a life-long relationship with its clients. As our team at AVN Visas comes up with innovative ideas to help the clients, so have we also trended strong relationships with powerhouses across the globe in countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong etc.



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Quick eligibility check for Canada, Australia & Hong Kong.

Step by step process for your visa

Three Step Regular Visa Application Process.
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Eligibility Round

Online Assessment to determine your eligibility to apply for a your dream country.

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Profile Discussion Round

Profile Discussion – A service designed to help you build a successful overseas career.

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Documentation Round

The visa issuance process requires the submission for your application for PR visa.

fly to destination

FLY to Destination

FLY to destination – finally enjoy yourself at your dream destination


Ontario PNP Program

Move to the province of Ontario as permanent resident, apply for Provincial nomination through OINP and get Canada PR Visa.

Sasketchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program offers immigration applicants multiple pathways to entry into Canada.

Nova Scotia PNP

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is the province's primary pathway to immigration for international applicants.

British Columbia PNP Program

Apply for Canada PR Visa through BC PNP and live in the province of British Columbia as Permanent Resident

Manitoba PNP Program

Manitoba PNP Immigration pathway to apply Canada PR through Provincial Nomination by the province of Manitoba

Alberta PNP Program

AINP is for the immigrants who want ot move to the province of Alberta. APlly for Canada PR Visa

Prince Edward Island PNP Program

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada both in area and population. Apply for Canada PR Visa through PEI program

Quebec Skilled Worker

Quebec Skilled Worker it is the largest province of Canada. Quebec is covered by continuous hills and many waterways apply Canada PR


A province of Canada, whose demography is defined by rugged mountains & high plateaus. This territory is one of the less explored provinces for economic purposes

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Address all your dream country needs with one convenient source

Pre Assessment

Online Assessment to find your eligibility criteria to your dream country, to apply for a assessment and check eligibility

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Profile Discussion

Our professional expert team  are regularly trained by representatives of each university on their courses and their requirements

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Documentation Assistance

We offer first-rate documentation services to our clients. After the deep-analysis and full case study, your visa category is decided in your chosen country

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Cover Letter Drafting

Writing a professional letter requires the highest level of knowledge, Our Expert’s job at AVN Visas team is to help you


Post Landing Assistance

We offer all possible post landing assistance that you may need in the Maple Leaf Country to help you find good & cheap accommodation

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Language Assistance

IELTS is one of the most popular and trusted English proficiency tests across the globe to evaluate the linguistic knowledge of the applicant

pr filing

PR Filing

There are different immigration programs or visa categories available, under which you can apply for the Canada permanent residency visa

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Job Assistance

If you want to find a job abroad, you must start with proper preparation and planning to help you find a good job in your eligible country

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Canada Study Visa

We have to provide right choices for students wanting to study abroad, collaboration with 100+ universities across the globe

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Tourist/Visitor Visa

A visitor visa for any country is a kind of non-immigrant visa permitting you to stay in a specific country for a certain period of time

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Canada Spouse Visa

The Canada spouse visa lets you sponsor your spouse/ common-law companion to become a Canadian permanent resident

germany job skeer visa icon

Germany Job Seeker Visa

A German job seeker visa is a work visa issued to anyone who wants to find work in Germany, If you are granted this visa,

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