AVN Management and Immigration Services Private Limited

AVN Visas Immigration is the best immigration solution provider for all of your immigration needs. AVN Visas believes in building a life-long relationship with its clients. As our team at AVN Visas comes up with innovative ideas to help the clients, so have we also trended strong relationships with powerhouses across the globe in countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong etc. AVN Visas Immigration has its offices located in New Delhi India. Our team in AVN Visas immigration is by large- knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, easily accessible and are easy going.

Our Vision

Prime immigration service provider across the country which represents effectiveness and efficiency in its immigration services.

Our Mission

We provide honest, competent and result-oriented immigration services through effective consultation & visa processing.

Our Team

We employ incredible people who understand the implications of their projects abroad value and commit to try helping you get a visa smoothly

Core Values

Honesty || Reliability || Excellence || Commitment || Efficiency

AVN Visas Overseas Careers is a quality service certified immigration consultancy, rendering genuine and reliable visa processing services, to the most renowned destinations across the globe.

We aspire to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to counsel and create opportunities for those aiming of flourishing career prospects overseas.

AVN Visas is one of the India’s best leading Immigration Consultants in the capital of India. Our work is driven on an authentic, holistic and transparent approach.

Our team of best Immigration consultants will assess all your suitable credentials and provide guidance accordingly. We understand our clients have unique needs and requirements, considering that our Immigration experts will mentor you with a suitable program.

Our experienced immigration consultants and lawyers provide excellent immigration services and citizenship services to aspiring immigrants who wish to migrate to international destinations.

We specialize in providing Visa and Immigration services to various countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong etc.

One of the major components that constitute to the success of AVN Visas is our team. Knowing that immigration is not just a journey from your home country to a foreign country but is a complete transformation of your life and career, in a completely different nation, we hire spectacular staff that knows the value of your abroad plans and strives dedicatedly to help you achieve success for your visas.

We believe in no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes- just a dedicated team of experts in each department working their experienced hands on your visa process.


Providing quality service in a professional. We serve our clients with great responsibility and integrity through advice and communication


We’ve been authorized to provide visa and immigration services to aspirants in India and anywhere abroad.


We give attention to each client. Our best to analyze the loopholes and work to ease the case sticking to the migration rules.

Set the right expectations

Our clients love our  services because we do not raise false expectations. The terms of the agreement and the promises.

avn feedback

While our services are best and have minimal risk of escalations, we are always open to the word of our clients.